We have 3 adult sphynx cats for sale. They were part of a registered sphynx breeding program that has since ended and we are now looking to find good, loving homes for them all.
"Ali" and "Christy" are sisters from the same litter, born May 10, .
"Bob" is unrelated to the sisters and was born July 14, .
Ideally we would love to see Ali and Christy stay together since they have been together their entire lives and are very best friends, but it is not necessary should the right homes come along.
Sphynx cats are an extremely affectionate, playful, and loveable breed. Bob, Christy, and Ali are no exception. They all love to cuddle, run, and play!
Sphynx cats do require some special care due to their "hairless" nature. They are not completely hairless; they can sometimes have a bit of "peach fuzz" which comes and goes. However, since they lack a full coat, they are considered more hypoallergenic than other furry cats. They are strictly indoor cats only, as they can sunburn easily, and they require regular bathing to bring out their natural oils and to keep them clean. Their "hairless" bodies may seem odd to cuddle at first (if you are not used to it), but because they lack a large furry coat, they have a much higher body temperature, making them the perfect heat blanket!
If you are serious about adding a sphynx cat to your family, please contact us:
250-652- or info@ thelaurelacres.com
We are asking $875 (each) and are happy to answer any questions you may have!